Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moving right along . . .

Bruce called tonight to give me an update. They are in the village of Dingboche, Nepal, which is about 14,400 feet altitude. They arrived there today and will spend one more day there before moving on to the village of Lobuche. He said the landscape is pretty barren (as you can see from the photo below) but the mountain scenery all around them is spectacular.

Apparently a lot of the people in their group are sick with colds or the flu. They are going to great lengths to avoid each other. I told Bruce to wash his hands a LOT, then realized that wouldn't be as easy for him there as it would be here. He said he had been throwing up for a day or two (kept walking of course, just threw up occasionally along the trail -- how fun does that sound) but feels great now, so hopefully he's done with being sick and won't catch anything else.

They are scheduled to reach base camp on the 10th, and he said he probably won't call again until they get there. I'll update when I hear from him.


  1. I sure hope he is over being sick! No one wants to climb Everest with the flu. I can't even begin to imagine. Discovery Channel will love the drama of the illnesses, I guess. Makes for a good movie.

  2. Today is the 10th - hoping you hear from Bruce and that all is well.