Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He'll be home . . .

TOMORROW!! We're picking Bruce up at the airport tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. Here's Carlie modeling the shirts we're all going to wear. Mine says 'husband' instead of 'Dad,' and we even got a onesie for my granddaughter that says 'My Grandpa climbed Mt. Everest!' Okay, so we're a little excited.

Stay tuned for awesome Everest photos . . .


  1. Last year I read the article about you climbing the seven summits. Wow, how impressive. Congratulations that you have achieved your goal. I would have been impressed with Lotoja, but Everest, WOW, Awesome! Doug Dewey would be proud. What's next? A book? I hope you have one in the works. Sincerely Duane McFarland

  2. Love the shirts! I predict they will grab a bit of attention at the airport :-D